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CCTV 9 News on Mandarin Chinese - Focus on PRC Study

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China Fever

In 2005, the number of foreign students in China exceeded the number of Chinese leaving to study abroad. This reversed the decades long trend in which waves of Chinese would travel overseas in search of education. Liu Ming has that story.

China Attracts International Students - Lyman Johnson [a student with PRC Study] is from New York. He is taking a course in Chinese language at Beijing Language and Culture University. He plans to go to college in Beijing after finishing his language course. Lyman says in Chinese, "I want to study in China. China is the fastest developing country and I love Chinese culture and history. It seems the right choice for me."

Lyman is not alone in this current wave of China fever. The country accepted nearly 150,000 international students in 2005 alone. It was the highest number since the founding of new China in 1949. Meanwhile, the number of Chinese students going overseas was less, at about 120,000.

Vivian Pan, Managing Director of PRC Study Consulting Ltd, studies the education of foreign students who come to China. Pan states [reasons for coming to China to study are as follows]: "One reason would be because of the culture. Many people are coming here to learn about Chinese culture so it is out of interest, and to learn about the culture and history, and the way of life here. Second reason I think is because people are looking for work opportunities."

Pan also noticed that Chinese political stability, fast growing economy and increasing international influence are enticing more people to come and have a closer look.

Reporter Liu Ming [CCTV9] states," As Chinese universities and colleges make continue efforts to improve their educational environments; the quality of education in China is gaining increasing recognition in the international community. Experts believe that the number of international students in China will continue to grow in the next few years."

Date: Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Anchor: Mr. Edwin Marhaw, CCTV9 News
Reporter: Liu Ming
TV Station: CCTV 9

Briefly About CCTV-9

CCTV-9 is the only all-English national channel in China, mainly to reporting news and information to its global audience, with a special focus on China news.

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